Stuffing with sausage

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Stuffing with sausage

There’s a whole lot of recipes that claim to be “The Best”, but this really is The Very best Sausage Stuffing recipe! We make it for Thanksgiving or just for dinner!

I’ve actually run into close friends of mine at the grocery store with an oven stuffer chicken in 1 hand and two loaves of white bread in the other hand. They laugh being aware of that I’m going residence and hoping the wife will throw together a roast chicken dinner with some of my favorite sausage stuffing that I’m craving.

Thankfully for me she usually does.

But items have changed and I want to discover how to make this recipe myself. And with Thanksgiving all around the corner I considered you guys could all use a go-to recipe for the best sausage stuffing.

Appears like most people have a preferred stuffing recipe…but this might just grow to be your loved ones favourite also.

What I genuinely need to have named this is the very best sausage and apple stuffing recipe. Since for me, it’s the apples that give it that addicting taste.

I did make a few adjustments to the wife’s recipe. Initial of all, I almost certainly doubled the quantity of sausage.

If it’s a sausage stuffing, I want tons of sausage in there not just a number of pieces in every third bite. Similarly, I doubled the apple – which is funny simply because many years in the past when she very first made this I saw her cutting up apples and I wasn’t happy.

Why does there require to be apples in stuffing I stated? Just make it the “normal” way, I told her. So due to the fact I listened to her, now there is a new “normal” for stuffing.

What is the Best Sausage for Stuffing?

In my view you want to go with Italian sausage, mild or spicy. Or you can use a combination of the two but it’s the flavors and spices in Italian Sausage that actually operate for this stuffing recipe.

Now I know you guys want to get into it so let’s get ready to make the Ideal Sausage Stuffing ever.

Commence by browning up the sausage and then include onions and chicken broth.

Even though that is simmering commence toasting a whole loaf of bread. (Or you can toast the bread ahead of time, as well. Doesn’t matter if it’s cold) Use normal white bread for this, not sourdough or whole wheat or ciabatta.

Just white bread please, there is a time and a location for white bread and this is it.

I’m not saying that you can’t attempt different kinds of bread for stuffing. In reality, there are a lot of Remarkable recipes that call for various bread.

Just not this 1.

So if you want to consider Upside Down Pineapple Stuffing with brioche, or maybe these Italian Stuffing Muffins with Italian bread…you definitely need to.

But for my recipe, my preferred stuffing recipe ever…just stick with great previous fashioned white bread. White bread does have a objective and it’s for stuffing and grilled cheese sandwiches.

All of these ingredients added collectively is what makes The Very best Sausage Stuffing taste the best…

Grab the biggest bowl, and I indicate the largest bowl you have and combine with each other a couple eggs with some parsley.

Add in the bread cubes and the sausage mixture and stir it all collectively, you want to make confident all the bread is coated with the sausage mixture.

Pour into a heavily buttered dish and bake…because butter. It helps make every little thing much better.

Can You Make This Stuffing Ahead Of Time?

Yes, you can make this stuffing ahead of time and maintain it in your fridge until you’re ready to cook it. You can also freeze it and get it out to thaw just before cooking – that’ll be a large timesaver for these large Thanksgiving meals!

Since we make this stuffing all the time, I’ve really have found that it tastes much better if you make it the day ahead of. Let it sit in the fridge till you’re prepared to get it in the oven. That ideal white bread soaks up all the flavor from the broth and sausage and it truly can make a distinction in the taste!

And leftover stuffing (if there is any) typically gets to be a main meal for me. A huge bowl with gravy poured on leading is all I need to have!

Turkey is actually what I like to eat on the side of this stuffing!

Verify back in with me here if you can and let me know if you’ve attempted our stuffing for dinner or at your holiday meal!

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