Shoofly pie

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Shoofly pie

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Shoofly Pie is a standard Pennsylvania-Dutch dessert. Richly flavored with molasses and a sweet and basic crumb topping, this decadent pie is a exclusive deal with. We enjoy topping this Shoo Fly Pie recipe with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!

Shoofly pie may possibly not be one of the most nicely-known pies all through the world, but it’s really well-known right here in which I grew up around Amish nation, southern Pennsylvania. This is a sticky-sweet pie, baked in a pastry crust with a gooey (almost cake-like) bottom and a crumby, streusel-like topping.

What is Shoofly Pie? Why is it Called Shoo Fly Pie?

Shoofly Pie is an Amish and Mennonite favourite dessert that can be created with pantry staples you very likely have on hand. While it could not be as nicely-acknowledged as other classics like Apple Pie or Key Lime Pie, if you give this recipe a possibility, I feel you’ll locate that this Shoofly Pie recipe deserves a spot in your recipe box too.

Gooey and rich with molasses flavor, Shoofly Pie is best served warm, and even far better when topped with ice cream or whipped cream!

No one particular is aware of for specified why it is referred to as Shoo Fly Pie. Folklore is that the sweet molasses attracted flies, as the pie was baked and left to great outdoors.

What is Shoofly Pie Created of?

Shoo Fly Pie utilizes basic, wholesome substances. The star of the show is molasses, and you most very likely have all of the other shoofly pie substances on hand. You’ll need to have a pie crust of course and the filling contains a delicious combination of molasses, b rown Sugar and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

How to Make Shoofly Pie

To make Shoofly Pie:

  1. Commence with a pie crust. You can make your pie crust recipe or purchase pre-manufactured pie dough.
  2. Make the crumb coating in a food processor.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix eggs, water and molasses.
  4. Alternate layering the crumb mixture and molasses mixture into your pie crust.
    • The molasses mixture will be liquidy and soak up a lot of the crumb topping, but you even now want to layer the moist and dry components as indicated. It will assist ensure that your Shoofly Pie ends up with the appropriate texture.
  5. Bake right up until Shoofly Pie is set, then allow to amazing totally prior to slicing and serving.

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What Does Shoo Fly Pie Taste Like?

Shoofly Pie has a distinct molasses taste. Whilst the molasses flavor is tempered a bit by the crumb mixture that is layered into the pie, it is even now extremely a lot present and people who don’t get pleasure from molasses will not enjoy Shoofly Pie. This is a really rich and really sweet pie, and the flavor reminds me of a supremely moist Gingerbread.

Does Shoofly Pie Require to be Refrigerated?

Whilst you can refrigerate your shoofly pie, it does not require to be refrigerated and will maintain fairly nicely stored on your countertop. Shoofly pie need to nevertheless be covered and will maintain for up to 5 days.

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