Scorpion bowl

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Scorpion bowl

The scorpion bowl is a entertaining tiki cocktail created to be enjoyed with a handful of very good pals. It’s a fruity rum punch which is customarily served in a particular punch bowl which is also named a scorpion bowl. In the center is a volcano-shaped reservoir where you can pour overproof rum and set it on fire. Once the drink is ready, everybody will get their personal straw and enjoys the punch with each other.

There are a lot of scorpion bowl drink recipes, as well as the authentic scorpion cocktail. They fluctuate greatly but all tend to have rum, orange and lemon juices, and orgeat syrup in frequent. Some include brandy, gin, or vodka as effectively. Generally, the liquid mixture is blended with a little bit of ice to produce a slushy punch. That is then poured over large ice cubes in the scorpion bowl and it really is garnished with tons of fruit.

What a lot of of the recipes lack is fresh components, which is a shame contemplating you are currently using a blender and featuring the taste of tropical fruits. This particular recipe takes a distinct technique and adds fresh pineapple and mango to the blender. It gives the punch a lively, fresh twist that everybody who sits down at the table is sure to appreciate!

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