Red potato recipe

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Red potato recipe

These tasty roasted potatoes are the ideal side to grilled or broiled meat, poultry, or fish. They can be roasting in the oven while you prepare the meat. They can round out a healthier meal that consists of steamed, roasted, or grilled veggies.

Red-skinned potatoes are a good selection for this recipe as they roast quite nicely, but you could use Yukon gold or russet potatoes if that is what you have offered. The bags of little one potatoes you can locate in the supermarket are helpful since you can merely slice the little potatoes in half and they won’t need to have to be peeled. New potatoes or fingerlings are also exceptional to use when they are in season. Shop at your nearby farmers marketplace and when you see them, get prepared to roast them with herbs.

You can fluctuate the herbs you use in this recipe. Virtually any herb you expand in your backyard will be tasty on roasted potatoes.

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