Plum jam

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Plum jam

This plum jam is scrumptious extra to cakes, in muffins, on pancakes, ice cream and any other way your heart desires! You can make it either with or without having pectin.

With 4 Italian plum trees in our yard I get hectic the finish of each Summer season processing hundreds of lbs every single which way achievable: Dried, canned, frozen, dehydrated, turned into Fruit Leather, cakes (like this German Plum Cake), cobblers, Plum Butter, Asian Plum Sauce (Duck Sauce) and anything else I’m ready to believe of.

Plum jam is an additional excellent way to flip individuals wonderfully plump, flavorful and juicy plums into one thing delightful that you can appreciate all year lengthy.

It’s delightful additional to cakes, in muffins, on pancakes, ice cream and any other way your heart wishes!

Wash the plums, lower them in half, discard the pits and location the plums in a large pot.

To chop or not to chop:

If you’re NOT making use of pectin and are letting the jam simmer for a extended time, there’s no need to chop them because they’ll break down by themselves and you can constantly give the jam a mash or use a hand blender to puree component of it later on on if you don’t want as many chunks.

If you ARE utilizing pectin that signifies the jam will only boil for a few minutes and the plums will not break down, so go ahead and chop the plums up.

Add the sugar and lemon juice heat the pot, initially above medium heat so the plums or sugar don’t scorch. Once the plums juices commence to run you can boost the heat.

If you’re NOT making use of pectin: Simmer the plum uncovered until an immediate read through thermometer reads 220 degrees F. That’s essential in order for the jam to set and not be also runny. Alternatively, freeze a couple of spoons and drop some jam onto them: If the jam sets and is spreadable, but not runny, it is done.

Don’t bother skimming off the foam due to the fact that will all dissolve by itself in the direction of the end.

If you ARE employing pectin: Follow the package deal directions of what ever pectin you are making use of. Skim off the foam.

If you like you can use a potato masher or a hand-held immersion blender to mash/mix component of the jam until the sought after amount of chunkiness is reached.

Making use of sterilized jars, ladle the scorching jam into the jars and wipe off the rims with a moist towel to make certain no jam is on the rims. Fill every single jar to no significantly less than one/4 inch from the leading. Wash the lids with soapy water and, location them on the jars and screw on the sterilized rings. Boil them in a water bath canner for 10 minutes.

Very carefully remove the jars and allow them sit undisturbed for 24 hrs just before getting rid of the rings (optional) and storing them in a amazing location. They will maintain for up to a yr. After opened, shop in the fridge, will keep for at least a month.

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