Mochi ice cream recipe

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Mochi ice cream recipe

Looking for a enjoyable cooking task with your youngsters? Try out Mochi ice cream! The well-known Japanese dessert is simpler to make than you feel. Picture your children smiling faces when they bite into their favored ice cream inside the soft mochi shell.

Mochi Ice Cream is a well-liked dessert served in some Japanese dining establishments in the U.S. and can be obtained in US grocery merchants including Trader Joe’s and Costco. Have you had a likelihood to try out? This delightful dessert with refreshing amazing ice cream inside soft mochi shell is 1 of my family’s preferred, and not that difficult to make at home oneself.

What’s the very best portion of homemade mochi ice cream recipe? You can put your favorite ice cream inside the mochi!

Observe How to Make Mochi Ice Cream

Refreshing and delightful dessert with your preferred ice cream wrapped in soft thin mochi shell.

I know you possibly don’t believe me when I say it’s not that difficult to make … but you have to trust me! If you follow the my suggestions below, you CAN make good mochi ice cream even at the very first attempt!


  • Preserve your kitchen great when you are operating with ice cream.
  • Get this cookie scoop (portioning scoop) for producing the same portions and good half-round shaped ice cream for mochi filling.
  • Use generous quantity of potato/corn starch on your hands and doing work surface to avoid sticking.
  • Use a cookie cutter (or tiny bowl) to lower out mochi into a round shape. Round shape (rather of square reduce) seals the mochi neatly and steer clear of excess volume of mochi on the bottom.
  • And here’s the secret tip! Dress in thin latex gloves to insulate warm hands from ice cream and to prevent your hands from sticking to mochi.


  • Do not take short cuts till you are comfortable with creating mochi ice cream.
  • Do not expect to make a perfect form mochi ice cream for the initial couple of trials. Doing work quick is the most critical when dealing with ice cream.

Right here are a number of notes about the recipe.

  • Shiratamako() vs. Mochiko flour(): I’ve experimented with creating mochi ice cream recipe with both sorts of glutinous rice flour (also named sweet rice flour) but I have to say texture and flavor of mochi ice cream created with shiratamko is significantly much better. To find out the big difference between these two types of glutinous rice flour, please hop above to Shiratamako page to read through much more particulars.
  • Steaming vs. Microwave: Each approaches work nicely, and it’s actually a private preference. I generally make it with microwave simply because it only takes 2 and half minutes to cook mochi. My microwave is 1200W make certain to alter your microwave setting accordingly.

As soon as my youngsters located out that I was creating mochi ice cream recipe, they volunteered appropriate away to taste test all the distinct flavors. My daughter’s favourite is strawberry and my son’s is vanilla. What’s your preferred?

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