Kitty litter cake

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Kitty litter cake

Critically creep your close friends out with this practical kitty litter cake made with vanilla Oreos, Tootsie Rolls, pudding and much more.


1 box spice cake, prepared

one box white cake, ready

32 vanilla Oreos

3 drops green foods coloring

two cups vanilla pudding

30 Tootsie Rolls


Make the cake: In the bowl of a meals processor, pulse Oreos until finally crumbled. Separate one/4 cup into a tiny bowl. Add drops of meals coloring and combine to combine. Set aside.

In a big bowl, crumble spice cake and white cake. Add vanilla pudding till mixture sticks together. Add one/four cup plain cookie crumbs and set aside.

In a little bowl, heat Tootsie Rolls for 30 seconds or until finally pliable. Form into logs resembling cat waste.

Assemble the cake: Press cake mixture into litter box. Scatter with tootsie rolls and sprinkle remaining Oreo crumbles and green crumbles.

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