Ground meat recipes

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Ground meat recipes

We’re all about comfort foods mash-ups. (Consider Chicken Parm Grilled Cheese and Mac & Cheese Pizza). But this certain recipe is a minor tamer than the rest. However it sounds kinda crazy, it truly is quite easy. Here is what tends to make it so very good.

The tomato base is seasoned perfectly.

For a burger soup, you can not have a clear chicken broth. It wants to be a hearty tomato base. This has tomato paste and beef broth, which get added after sauting the usual medley of veggies. The genuine shock: Italian seasoning. However not classic to a burger, it adds a great taste to the soup.

Potatoes make up for the lack of fries.

We couldn’t support ourselves and decided to include some Yukon gold potatoes to the soup for heartiness. and carbs. If you can’t have salty fries, this is the least we (and you) can do.

The secret ingredient = yellow mustard.

Mustard in soup sounds weird, we get it. But just a little (one teaspoon!) adds a zing that is completely reminiscent of a burger.

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