Fresh green beans

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Fresh green beans

Basic Skillet Green Beans

This recipe proves that side dishes for dinner don’t have to be fussy or fancy or complex.

You are only three-ish substances and twelve or so minutes away from fresh green bean heaven.

I’m so lazy I don’t even trim the ends of the beans all the time (or very thoroughly) in my haste to get this delectable side dish on the table and they are still wonderful. Untrimming green beaners unite.

What commenced out a couple many years ago as a I-Have-Green-Beans-What-Shall-I-Do-With-Them-That-Doesn’t-Involve-Strain-Canning conundrum has turned into our absolute favourite way to eat fresh green beans as a side dish.

With green beans in season and much more widely accessible right now than, say, in mid-January (jealous if you are in fact getting them from your very own garden!), this recipe just plain helps make me satisfied.

It’s not a stretch to say we consume these with any assortment of principal dishes numerous times a week and often I whip them up for lunch because…well, it feels weird to say I crave green beans but I guess just actually like them and believe about them all the time…you know, since that’s not a strange point to confess at all.

Plus, no far better way to justify carrying around pockets complete of dark chocolate chips the rest of the day for immediate indulgence than consuming a skillet loaded with green beans for lunch.

These basic green beans are certainly not cutting edge or rocket science but that’s okay, due to the fact squid and chia seed smoothies are fairly extremely overrated or so I hear.

And if you enjoy fresh green beans, you need to (definitely must) at some level in your existence attempt this Balsamic Fresh Green Bean Salad. Ah, green beans. I’m so glad you are in season.

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