Apple butter

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Apple butter

This homemade apple butter is velvety, wealthy, and tastes like apple pie! With each slow cooker and stovetop instructions, you can easily make it this Fall!

Ideal on top of a homemade biscuit or roll, a slice of toast, or even by the spoonful, you’ll really like the spiced apple flavor, with just sufficient sweetness to hold you coming back for more.

In the past, I’ve only produced apple butter in the crockpot (individuals directions will be in the recipe notes section), which is excellent when I don’t forget to strategy ahead. Buuuuut if you’re like me, occasionally the mood for apple butter strikes you when you didn’t place everything in the slow cooker hours ago. This version can be manufactured in about an hour or hour and a half, which may seem like a extended cooking time, but a good deal of it is hands off.

If you’ve never ever had apple butter, you may be pondering what the heck it is!


They’re both similarly flavored, and manufactured by cooking apples with spices and some sugar till tender. But exactly where apple butter differs is that as an alternative of stopping when it’s great and saucy, you continue to cook it down right up until it gets darker in colour, far more concentrated, thick, and glossy.


Truthfully my preferred factor to do with apple butter is grab a spoon and dig in! However, spreading some on a slice of toast or a freshly baked biscuit or roll is a Quite shut 2nd. I know a lot of individuals use it to bake with (like apple butter bars or apple butter pumpkin pie), and it’s even used in sauces (this kind of as ribs or glazed more than a ham). It’s quite versatile!

You may possibly be asking yourself if apple butter is healthy, considering that it’s produced from apples. Sadly, it’s quite high in sugar, and as a result calories, but it does contain some fiber from the apples themselves. I wouldn’t put it in your list of diet-accredited food items just however, but it’s fantastic for a treat!

HOW Lengthy Just before APPLE BUTTER GOES Bad

That solution depends on how you’re storing it. If you are canning it in sterilized jars, it should hold just about indefinitely. In the refrigerator, it’ll final many weeks to a month. In the freezer, about 4-6 months.


Typically softer and sweet types are greatest, considering that they break down quicker. Fuji’s and Braeburn are my all time favorites, but I’ve used red scrumptious numerous instances with fantastic results as properly.


I personally wouldn’t… at least not as the ONLY apple range. I really like baking with granny smith apples, but their tart taste isn’t fairly what you’re searching for right here. If you truly want to use some, I’d go with a 50/50 combine of Granny Smith’s and a soft and sweet selection.

Professional Suggestions FOR Making HOMEMADE APPLE BUTTER:

  • Decide on your apples wisely. Go for the sweet and softer types mentioned over.
  • To peel or not to peel. It’s absolutely up to you! If you made a decision not to peel, you’ll have Tiny flecks of skin in the finished product… but truthfully, no 1 will observe, and it doesn’t impact the taste. For these pictures, I quite roughly peeled them, so there was still a bit of skin on them.
  • Be patient. Apples can take a although to break down… particularly if you use a crisp selection of apple.
  • If you have an immersion blender, by all signifies, use it. If not, your blender or meals processor need to do the trick.

When you’re craving a taste of Fall, any time of year, choose up a bag of apples from the grocery retailer and whip up a batch of this easy homemade apple butter!

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