Breakfast casserole

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Breakfast casserole

Straightforward to make Breakfast Casserole with shredded potato hash browns, sausage or bacon and mozzarella cheese! Ideal with a rapid and straightforward hollandaise sauce.

Loaded with green bell peppers, Roma tomatoes and onions, breakfast casserole is so straightforward to make and best for the holidays! There’s practically nothing easier than throwing all of your ingredients in a baking dish and have the oven function its magic.


I can’t think of anything less difficult for a holiday breakfast or brunch than a breakfast casserole. Prepare it the evening prior to to bake it the morning of for the easiest breakfast to feed a crowd!

The all essential part in this casserole has to be the egg base. You want a creamy mixture that won’t dry out in the oven, plus a scrumptious veggie medley to provide flavours. To make it deliciously creamy, use milk plus a tiny hefty cream (thickened cream).

The attractiveness of this casserole is that it is so versatile you can genuinely make it your very own!

You can use bacon a bacon/ham mixture (as we did here) OR sausages. Any sausage functions nicely here: breakfast sausage, turkey, chicken, beef, mild Italian or pork. Or include in your favourite!


AUSSIES AND Every person Close to THE Globe: For people of us who don’t have frozen shredded hash browns in our elements of the planet, we need to have to make our own! See image under for a visual.

    Grate the potatoes 1st on the greatest s >


If you don’t have frozen potato hash browns, commence getting ready that 1st as mentioned above.

Then, move on with your breakfast casserole!

1. Decide on on your sought after meat fillings: sausages, bacon, ham or a combination! If adding sausages and bacon, I suggest frying them up initial before incorporating them to your egg mixture.

For a vegetarian alternative, you can leave out the meat.

2. Choose on your veggie fillings: We adore making use of green bell peppers (capsicum) and seeded, ripe Roma tomatoes. You can also add in corn kernels, red bell peppers (capsicum), sliced mushrooms and diced zucchini.

3. Select your cheese: Use your favourite blend OR go with our suggestion of white cheddar with a mozzarella topping.

Layer your potato hash brown at the base of your dish, then pour in your egg mixture with all of the fillings. Prime with cheese and bake your breakfast casserole until finally golden and bubbling!


Assemble the breakfast casserole as instructed in the recipe, then cover with foil and refrigerate overnight. When prepared to bake, allow sit at space temperature for 30 minutes ahead of cooking.

Serve a slice of breakfast casserole with a side of sliced avocado, extra bacon pieces and straightforward to make hollandaise sauce!

Egg bake recipes

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Egg bake recipes


  • Change
  • US
  • Metric
  • one cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • six eggs, whisked
  • 6 slices bacon, diced
  • 2 slices bread, cubed
  • 1/3 red bell pepper, diced
  • two green onions, chopped
  • three tablespoons milk
  • one/2 teaspoon minced garlic, or to taste (optional)
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • Include all substances to listing
  • Include all elements to list


35 m

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 9×13-inch baking dish.
  2. Stir Cheddar cheese, eggs, bacon, bread, red bell pepper, green onion, milk, garlic, salt, and black pepper with each other in a bowl until finally well-combined pour into ready baking dish.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven until eggs are set, 20 to 25 minutes.

Delightful egg casserole that’s ideal for the weekend.

Focaccia recipe

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Focaccia recipe

This tasty Rosemary Focaccia Bread recipe is simple to make, and tastes so wealthy and superb with the addition of fresh rosemary, olive oil and flaked sea salt.

A number of many years ago, our Kansas City tribe lost a single of our very best — our Cammie — to the Wild Wild West (of Denver, obvs ?) where she went to go live with her adore. It was a wild and fantastic move, and we’re all thankful that it worked out for the greatest, but we even now miss her about right here like crazy.

BUT. I’ve gotta say that — a lot more than anybody else I know — Cammie much more than can make up for her absence by getting the freaking ideal organizer of our outdated close friends each time she makes a normal pay a visit to to town. Significantly, I truly feel like the lady organizes much more happy hrs than any of our friends, and she doesn’t even live here any longer! ? But what’s even much better is that she organizes get-togethers at people’s houses. So about a week ahead of her arrival, we can constantly count on a text from Cammie announcing that she’s in need of a residence. And then confident sufficient, she often follows by means of and does all of the legwork rallying every person with each other and arranging a meal, and then — voila — an awesome time with each other with constantly ensues.

(Oh, and bonus — Cammie is possibly my pal who loves ALDI even much more than I do. So I can constantly count on her to display up with a grocery bag complete of new finds that we can oooh and ahhhh and “omg-I-adore-that-cheese-too!” collectively.)

This previous Fr >so considerably .

So significantly enjoy for this crew. ?

Anyway, suffice it to say, it was however an additional memorable evening thanks to our fearless organizer. And it also ended up being a wonderful meal, thanks to this ultra-easy soup recipe, my favored Costco kale salad, tons of scrumptious ALDI cheese and crackers, and this ultra-comforting rosemary focaccia bread recipe, which I can’t appear to cease creating recently.

Like, significantly. I manufactured this bread 3 instances last week, and nevertheless loved every final bite of it. ?

I mean, let’s be genuine, I permanently and always love just about any bread that is served warm and fresh appropriate out of the oven. But there’s something additional magical about warm, comforting, decadent focaccia bread. Specifically this recipe, which is kicked up a significant notch with plenty of fresh rosemary, added drizzles of olive oil, and a generous sprinkle of flaked sea salt. Oh my heavens, it seriously is all of my bread dreams come accurate.

And the greatest element?

It’s so easy to make!

Just whip up a simple batch of dough. (Trust me, even if you’re new to operating with yeast, the instructions beneath will walk you by means of each and every and every phase. You’ve acquired this!) Then as soon as it has risen, and then proofed, and then been rolled out onto a baking sheet…

…use your fingers to poke the heck out of the dough (which creates yummy tiny pockets for the olive oil to pool, and also prevents your dough from rising too high although baking). Then drizzle plenty of olive oil on prime, and sprinkle the dough with fresh rosemary leaves and flaked sea salt. Bake it for about 20 minutes, or until finally everything’s good and golden.

Then give it onnnnnne a lot more healthy drizzle of olive oil, for excellent measure. Slice it up…serve…

Seriously, I haven’t had this many requests from pals (and from Barclay) for a recipe to present up on the blog in awhile. So with no more ado, right here it is! Hope that you take pleasure in it as significantly as we did, and hope that you can share it with some of your favored folks as well. ?

Soy sauce chicken

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Soy sauce chicken

Chinese Recipes and Eating Culture

Chinese soy sauce chicken is recognized as and it is a featured dish from Chinese Cantonese cuisine. I have been living in Guangdong province all around 4 many years and this soy sauce chicken is constantly on our dinner list. It must be as well-liked as char siu when steamed with steamed rice.

1 of the crucial key stage for this effortless and brilliant chicken recipe is to buy higher good quality soy sauce. We mix light soy sauce (largely for the flavor) and dark soy sauce (mostly for coloring). If you need to have far more info about standard Chinese sauces and seasonings, check Chinese sauces.

Excellent soy sauce chicken has tense skins and super tender meat inside. The sauce remaining after nicely cooked is incredibly yummy. So do not waste it. You can drizzle on the chicken, or mix with the rice or conserve it for a bowl of upper degree of soy sauce noodles.

Cook’s Note

  1. Select natural tender chicken beneath 1000kg is highly recommended for this recipe. Those younger chicken is effortless to cook and tender than older ones.
  2. Clay pot or other thick pot with brilliant heat preservation and heat conduction, so the tender chicken can be cooked with a really gentle heat. As a consequence, the meat can be more evenly completed.
  3. It is ok when you really feel the chicken is too tender and there may be some very light pink colour in the bones. Gentle cooking can aid use bringing back a degree of tenderness and when the inter temperature reaches around 160 degree F (70 degree C), the possible hazardous bacteria can be killed.
  4. During the cooking approach, cook the legs slightly for a longer time and the breast for a shorter time. Evaluating with the thigh, breast is a lot tender and begins to acquiring dry when the temperature exceed 68 degree C. Even though the chicken thigh must be well cooked around 73 to 75 degree C.


Firstly, remove the chicken feet (you can conserve it for a stock) and clean the primary entire body. Add all of the marinating components and massage the chicken for couple of minutes. Set aside for at least 3 hours. Flip more than at least twice throughout the time.

After marinating, the chicken ought to be well colored all close to.

Transfer the marinating juice to a pot (just enough to hold the chicken, do not use oversized pot with lots of empty spaces). Include about one cup of chicken stock or water. Carry it to a boiling.

Area the chicken in and hold spreading the sauce on the chicken with the aid of a scoop. After incorporating the chicken, the temperature of the liquid will drop rapidly. Use medium to slow fire and keep the liquid almost simmering but not strongly boiling. This is the essential to preserve the chicken tender.

Simmer a single side for ten to twelve minutes and then turn in excess of, simmer the other side and the stomach for an additional 10 to 15 minutes until 3/four of the sauce are cooked off. Then cover the lid and allow the chicken stay inside for 10 minutes (continue heating the chicken with the remaining heat of the pot).

Transfer out and then reduce into huge bite dimension pieces.

The best way is to serve it with steamed rice. In addition, you can spread the remaining liquid on the rice and make the dish ever better. Get pleasure from!

Salmon dip

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Salmon dip


8 ounces cream cheese, at area temperature

1/two cup sour cream

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 tablespoon minced fresh dill

one teaspoon prepared horseradish, drained

one/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

one/4 pound (4 ounces) smoked salmon, minced


  1. Cream the cheese in an electrical mixer fitted with a paddle attachment till just smooth. Include the sour cream, lemon juice, dill, horseradish, salt and pepper, and mix. Add the smoked salmon and mix well. Chill and serve with crudites and/or crackers.

Photograph by Quentin Bacon

Recipe courtesy Barefoot Contessa Family Design (c) 2002 by Ina Garten. By arrangement with Clarkson Potter/Random House, Inc.

Eggnog cheesecake

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Eggnog cheesecake

Recipe by: Bill Sinclair


  • Adjust
  • US
  • Metric
  • one cup graham cracker crumbs
  • two tablespoons white sugar
  • 3 tablespoons melted butter
  • three (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • three tablespoons all-function flour
  • 3/4 cup eggnog
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons rum
  • 1 pinch ground nutmeg
  • Add all elements to listing
  • Include all components to checklist


one h 25 m

  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
  2. In a medium bowl mix graham cracker crumbs, 2 tablespoons sugar and butter. Press into the bottom of a 9 inch spring type pan.
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes. Place on a wire rack to awesome.
  4. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).
  5. In a foods processor mix cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, flour and eggnog approach till smooth. Mix in eggs, rum and nutmeg. Pour mixture into cooled crust.
  6. Bake in preheated oven for ten minutes.
  7. Decrease heat to 250 and bake for 45 minutes, or until center of cake is barely firm to the touch. Take away from the oven and right away loosen cake from rim. Let cake great fully prior to removing the rim.

Mai tai cocktail

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Mai tai cocktail
  • four cl White Rum
  • 2 cl Dark Rum
  • one.five cl Orange Curaao
  • 1.five cl Orgeat syrup
  • one cl Fresh lime juice

Shake and strain into highball glass.
Garnish with pineapple spear, mint leaves and lime peel.
Serve with straw.

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Crab cakes

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Crab cakes

Really feel like you’ve been transported to Maryland.

Crab cakes are always in the appetizers sections of fancy seafood dining establishments. So a lot of folks are intimidated to make them at residence. Will not BE. They’re so simple, actually anybody can do it. Here is everything you need to know.

You ought to use mayo.

It’s the ideal binder, and its subtle creaminess won’t compete with the crab. In truth, it lets the crab meat shine! Mayo haters, we guarantee that you will not be capable to identify and taste the mayo right here. But if you’re seriously stubborn and just cant get yourself to do it, you can use Greek yogurt rather.

Sizzling sauce + Worcestershire + Dijon = Key upgrades.

The taste of crab is not notably strong. It requirements a tiny oomph to wake it up. Enter this trio of bold condiments. A little bit goes a lengthy way.

Which sort of crabmeat need to I use?

Jumbo lump if you can! This meat comes from two big muscle tissue and is known for its bright white color and superior taste. It truly is also made up of bigger chunks, as an alternative of shredded smaller bits. If you can not uncover jumbo (or never want to splurge on it), use lump crabmeat. It really is normally a blend of broken jumbo pieces. Back fin meat is frequently utilized in Maryland-fashion crab cakes.

Panko = the best bread crumb.

We really like the airy crispiness that panko bread crumbs include. But if you only have standard bread crumbs, that operates too.

Pan-frying is the way to go.

Though you could possibly bake these crab cakes, we genuinely advocate searing them in a sizzling skillet with neutral oil. That crunchy golden crust is half of what helps make crab cakes so amazing.

You can make this recipe ahead of time.

We undoubtedly suggest cooking them correct before serving, but shaped patties hold properly in fridge one to two days when covered effectively. If you have leftovers (which appears unlikely), they’d make bomb Crab Cake Burgers.

Calzone dough recipe

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Calzone dough recipe

Calzones are significantly underrated. Seen as inferior to the grand pizza pie, calzones are often forgotten about, but why? They are basically an individual pizza all wrapped up. No cheese sliding off or floppy crusts. Just pure deliciousness wrapped up in a pillowy dough. Calzones deserve their opportunity to shine.

What’s excellent in a calzone?

Here’s the accurate attractiveness of a calzone. Completely Every thing is very good in a calzone. Pepperoni, cheese, spinach, sausage—even pineapple! Any topping you enjoy on your pizza will be even better in a calzone. We’re taking critical inspo from this BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Are calzone and pizza dough the identical?

Yep! We used our preferred pizza dough to make the dough for calzone and the results are completely best! That makes it even less complicated to add calzones into your normal pizza night.

Can you freeze calzones?

Yes! Following assembling and cutting slits into your calzone, you can freeze it. No need to defrost, just include a couple minutes to your baking instances. You can also freeze following baking your calzone. Let it awesome right after baking, then freeze. To reheat, pop it in a 500° oven and bake until center is bubbling by way of the slits, about ten to 15 minutes.

Brussel sprout recipes

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Brussel sprout recipes

Cheesy Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe with melted mozzarella cheese make the best s >Easy, buttery and caramelized Brussels sprouts roasted with garlic and mozzarella is the tastiest way to get your veggies in! Sprouts taste so good in this recipe that the entire family members will get behind this one particular.

Reduced carb and Keto approved.


With many of us now converts soon after attempting them in a creamy sauce with bacon, or roasted with balsamic, the volume of emails coming in asking for a lot more recipes have been crazy. Who woulda imagined you’d all like sprouts so considerably?

With all of the diverse techniques we’ve examined them out, this recipe right right here is it. The variety of recipe you stand at the kitchen sink consuming only one particular — or so you guarantee your self — a promise created to be broken 12 more occasions prior to the dish lastly reaches the table.


There are two cooking techniques for this recipe:

  • SAUTE Initial THEN ROAST: This method generates an irresistible fried and nutty flavour before roasting. Pan fry sprouts very first in hot oil to get them deliciously caramelized and somewhat charred. Add butter and garlic just prior to they hit the oven to roast right up until fork tender. When they’re roasted, leading with cheese and devour the complete pan.
  • OVEN ROAST ONLY: Toss sprouts with olive oil, melted butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Throw them on a baking sheet and roast right up until fork tender. The cheese goes on in the final 5 minutes underneath the broiler (or grill) to melt into a scrumptious warm blanket of mozzarella cheese.

Each are tasty. The pan fried very first method just comes in somewhat ahead of the oven only approach. Absolutely nothing beats that unmistakable flavour of fried anything in oil, but this is private preference!


Mozzarella cheese is a favourite right here, even buffalo tastes amazing in this recipe. We examined this recipe with Provolone, Parmesan and Monterey Jack with excellent success and feedback. You can also attempt it with Gruyere or Gouda.