Bird & Pocket Watch Tattoo

I’ve had another tattoo since I posted last! I’ve wanted something on the top o my thigh for quite a while but I wasn’t entirely sure what of. I love pocket watches and I definitely wanted to incorporate it into it somehow! This is what I finally came up with:

For the actual tattoo I had the clock hands set to 22 minutes past 12 which represents 22nd December, the day me and my boyfriend started dating. I am so so happy with it and I can’t wait for the summer so I can show it off everyday!

It’s all lumpy in the picture because I had literally just had it done but it’s looking better now! Do you like it and are you thinking of getting a tattoo?

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  • oh that’s gorgeous! I’m looking at getting my first one so I love looking at tattoos right now! :)

  • Kate

    Rad. Cool position. Beautiful clock hands reason. x

  • Very pretty and unusual. Love the detail xx

  • It’s really pretty!

  • Very lovely! It makes me want to get a new tattoo as soon as possible haha^^

  • Just found your blog and love it! Tattoo is gorgeous, keep putting off getting my new one for money reasons but a big grant from uni this month should be the excuse to go get it! x

  • I have that exact bird on my thigh also and I got it January 10th 2011. It has been circulating on tumblr so do not say you made it up yourself because it is an EXACT match. I hope you are pleased with your new tattoo because you have ruined this for me and my bestfriend as this bird and branch is our matching tattoos and we came up with this design, not you.
    Do not steal tattoos.
    Check my tumblr for dates:
    please, go right ahead and see the exact same tattoo on my thigh.
    I am so angry.

  • kirsty

    For one I never said I designed it myself. If you actually go back and read the post you will see that. I don’t really read tumblrs so I haven’t actually seen this design on any blogs. I found this design in a tattoo book that my boyfriend got for christmas so it’s not yours either. I’m sorry you are angry about this but if you wanted a unique tattoo you should have drawn it yourself.

  • Charlotte

    Can you just be quite, you copied Hannah’s tattoo that’s special to her , get a grip , and design something yourself bye.

  • kirsty

    I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen as this is MY blog where I say what I want. I didn’t copy anyone. I took the bird design from a tattoo inspiration book that was published way before your friend got her tattoo. I have the scanned image. Unlike your friends I don’t pretend that I have designed tattoos when I haven’t. And I hadn’t seen it on her blog because I’ve never read it before… no suprises there. And how mature to get your friend to write a bitchy comment! Now why don’t you get off my blog and chill out. Any further comments will be deleted. Have a nice day. :)

  • Go Kirsty! (If you could see me you’d see that I’m doing an American style “go Kirsty, its your birthday!” type move)

  • raye

    i love this tattoo. where do you get your inspiration? i love the flowers in it.

  • kirsty

    I have a tattoo book which I get my general ideas from :) then I just get a bit creative haha! Xx

  • Hey!
    first I want to say your tattoo looks great!
    And I like the bird with the watch ^^
    Second, did you find that pocket watch design in a book too?
    I’m asking because I’m the person who drew the original one, and no one ever asked me for permission to publish it in a book.
    And creds to tattooist and motiv designs are always appreciated ;)

  • kirsty

    @Mortani – Hi thanks for your comment. I found the design for the pocket watch through google. It was about 10 pages in and I didn’t realise it belonged to anyone, I just found it and adapted it for my design. I have never said that I was the one to draw any of the tattoo, I just said “this is what I came up with”. I just took elements and put them together. I can put a link to your work though if you want.

  • lola

    Looks like this is the original, am I right, Mortani? It’s a breathtakingly beautiful design! And kirsty, you adapted it to your own tattoo beautifully as well. Magnificent!

  • Tegan

    Saying “this is what I came up with” doesn’t mean she’s saying she designed it herself. Chill, kids.
    It’s a lovely tattoo, regardless of where it originated.

    I am wondering though what kind of bird and flowers those are? I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for my grandfather and I like the look of this design. :)

  • @Mortani – Do you do custom design? I am in love w/that pocketwatch and have been looking for one forever as my tattooer keeps coming up with designs that don’t strike me and this one has… Thanks.

  • missy

    This looks amazing, People saying bad shit are stupid!
    Im getting a pocket watch on my arm, sort of like this, but im changing the style a bit, and im getting wording on it. I love the idea of the reason for the time, its really good!
    Good choice!



  • Sammie

    Hi I was wondering if it was you who owned this image?? x

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