Hair Dye Tutorial: Going Blonde

As you will know, I have recently dyed my hair blonde. It took a few steps and a lot of perseverance to get it to the shade it is now. I still think it needs a few more steps to get it to the shade I want but a few of you said you would like to know how I did it so here’s a step by step on how I went from dyed ginger hair to blonde hair.

My start colour was a mixture of Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy Natural Auburn and a dark brown dye that I had done at the hairdressers. The dark brown colour didn’t take well to my hair and it faded back to a dark ginger. I then had it lightened at the hair dressers. I chose an ashy colour which was mixed with a bleach. I’m not sure of the strength but I remember the hairdresser said it wasn’t the strongest as it would really damage my already damaged hair! This left me with the colour below. It lifted the darkest shades and left me with a very light ginger colour.

I then left my hair for about a month to recover. The ends were pretty bad so I just kept conditioning it and did my best to not blow dry or straighten/curl it.

I then bleached it myself with the Jerome Russel Bblonde Hair Lightener. I used the “Light to medium brown hair” kit but they also do one for dark brown hair, which I used to use when pre-bleaching my hair when I dyed it ginger. You buy a packet of sachets and then a bottle of cream peroxide which is used with one of the sachets. Because I had roots growing from the last dye, I had natural brown roots and light ginger lengths and ends. I put it throughout the lengths and ends for about 30 minutes and then applied to the roots and left for 10 minutes. Natural hair will go lighter quicker so make sure to leave roots until last when bleaching! It came out like this:

As you can see, the roots were the right colour, but because the lengths and ends had so much colour on them, (I have dyed my hair ginger many times and previously brown before that!) they went a lighter ginger. So I was left with light ginger lengths and ends and nearly platinum roots. Generally all over it was quite brassy and yellow because my base colour was a warm rather than a cool colour.

To even out the colour I then put this colour onto my hair. It’s the Absolute Platinum shade from Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL range. I put this onto my lengths and ends and then massaged it onto my roots for the last 5 minutes. I left this on my hair for the full time that it suggests on the instruction leaflet.

After this my hair was more even and was more near to the colour I wanted. The only problem was, it was really yellow. I wanted to get rid of the brassy colour. I was suggested the following shampoo/toner by a few blonde-haired friends. It’s a specific shampoo for silver and white hair and works to get rid of yellow tones in blonde or silver hair. I used it as a toner and left it in my hair for 20 minutes. It’s a dark purple colour so be careful as it will stain your hair if you leave it in for too long or use it too often. But it really works! It’s taken most of the yellowness out of my hair and left me with a pale blonde colour.

I still want it to be slightly more ashy but I am going to leave it until I need to do my roots to decide what I’m going to do next. At the moment my ends are dead so I need to get a cut but overall my hair is quite healthy.

I am using John Frieda Blonde Lightening Shampoo and John Frieda Blonde Moisturising Conditioner to maintain colour and moisture. I also use the L’Oreal shampoo once a week to keep away the brassy tones.

I hope this all made sense and was helpful to anyway considering going blonde! If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them!

34 comments to Hair Dye Tutorial: Going Blonde

  • katie

    hi, I was just wondering how much ass the products costed in total? because I am trying to get my hair lighter but i don’t have much money to spend on expensive dyes.. x

  • kirsty

    @Katie – averagely home kit dyes are about £6 and to get it done at a hairdressers costs between £30-£70 x

  • rosie

    hi my hair is light brown and if i was to use tthe xxl blonde once do you think it would life or lould i then need another dye? x

  • kirsty

    If you have dyed your hair already it won’t go blonde but with natural hair it should work!

  • katy

    my hair is naturally red but i want it blonde but without bleach, what would you recommend?

  • kirsty

    bleach is the easiest but maybe if you go to your hairdressers they can advise you! x

  • Hi, I have been having my hair coloured blonde for many years now, however, as I am in financial difficulties due to RTA and being on long term sick, i need to colour my roots, which is the best way to do this? I am quite light blonde and 51.

  • kirsty

    just buy a blonde colour from the super market! This is what i used to do! If not then you really do need to visit a hairdressers!

  • kayleigh

    do you think that if i put the live colour xxl absolute platinum will turn my natural medium brown roots to the colour on the box (im a bleached blonde ) but my roots are comin through x

  • kirsty

    @ Kayleigh – i don’t think so! I did it with my hair which is medium/dark brown and left it on for ages and it went ginger, better to use bleach! x

  • sophie

    I’ve dyed my hair loads and it’s really damaged. i could do with going to my natural colour which is similar to the colour that you have in the end picture, but I’m worried it will dammage my hair even more. my hair is red at the moment so do you think that if i did what you did my hair would be alright?

  • kirsty

    @sophie – getting hair back blonde is very hard when you have dyed red hair because of the warm pigments in your hair. my advice? go to a trusted hairdresser and get their opinion. they will be able to fix it better than you could at home

  • Vickie

    my hair was a light brown/reddish colour and I had roots coming through but i wanted to go lighter so i bought the xxl platinum blonde dye and my hair went ginger and roots platinum! I left it for a while because I didn’t want to damage my hair any further but it began to fade and the roots blended with the rest of my hair and i actually began to like it! A week later i began to get roots! Its my school prom next week and I really want to sort it out by then. I bought another xxl blonde dye today but I also bought John Frieda toner (purple). I was wondering if I used the xxl if it would actually go blonde this time instead of ginger? And then I’ll use the toner to take out the yellow tones and make it a natural blonde like the last picture of you!

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  • annie rose

    hi im medieum brown and i want to dye my hair dark blonde , lets say i put the xxl blonde colour on my hair aswell as the bleach blonde hair lighter. will my hair go blonde then ?

  • kirsty

    @ Annie Rose – My opinion on this is if you haven’t dyed your hair before, and all your hair is completely natural, then yes. If you have hair that still has dye on it, then it will be very hard to get it blonde. Do a strand test first! Hope this helps!

  • Amy

    my natural hair colour is brown but i bleached and dyed it red, twice. I’m currently in the process of going blonde, I used colourB4 which took me back to the bleach just fine, then used a bright blonde nice n easy dye, I’m currently a slight gingery colour with the blonde in, if i used live colour XXL blonde, would it get me to a really light blonde?x

  • Chloe

    help me please do u think the last hair dye will gove over ma dyed ginger hair wich is no 2bd but if it makes it go yellow will the shine shampoo called (pro-vok) a think thats wits its called :-)

  • kirsty

    @Chloe – getting your hair blonde when it is a red shade is really difficult. i would go to the hairdressers to get it done and it will take a few sessions.

  • lauren

    hello i currently have dark blondish hair which isnt natural i would like 2 go a couple of shades lighter what dye could i use without it going ginger or can i just stick a lighter blonde on an it will do the job :)

  • yas

    i had dyed brown hair and i used xxl absolute platinum and has turned out a yellow with light orange tones, but im going for the blonde platinum look… do you think itr will work to use more boxes of the xxl absolute platinum to get the platinum hair colour?? or what would be best to achieve it faster, prices as i dnt have much money !! :)

  • Nicole Louise

    OMG!!!!!! I’ve bleached my hair tonight and it’s gone ginger on the length and tips and platinum on the roots lol but I just came across your blog and hopefully you have saved my life!!!!! At the moment it’s exactly like the pic you took after using bblonde bleach (I used the same thing) so hopefully it’ll turn out like yours. Thank you very much xxxxxxxx

  • paige

    I’ve got quite dark brown dyed hair, but I want to go a ginger-ish blonde if I get a bleach on it then a couple of xxl blonde hair dyes will this work for a ginger/blonde colour?

  • Jackie-Lee

    I dyed my hair with the Live XXL and it turned it orange. I had red hair (that was dyed) and I used hair dye stripper and it turned it ginger. the roots of my hair are bright blond but then the red is bright orange. Do you think I should dye it again?

  • Nadine

    hello, my hair is naturally the same colour as the first picture (darkish ginger) but I have dyed my hair medium brown many times only ever using the longer lasting wash in wash out hair dyes, I really want to go a light blond will i have problems dying it and will I have to bleach it ? also what is the best hair dye to use because ive been told that Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL dyes fade really quickly ? :) x

  • Alina

    I recently dyed my hair the other night, bleached it with the same highlighting kit as you did, now i have white roots, and the rest of my hair is kind of the same, but it has lots of yellow tones and some ginger bits in it. I’ve been using purple shampoo today which I got from the hairdressers, it has made some different but I’m still not happy with the colour, what do you suggest I do?

  • demie

    help!!!1 im nearley 14 and have died my hair xxl blonde in the past it went a brassy yellow but died it more times and it went the right colour. Since then i have died it purple(november 2011)the purple completley cam out little bit red i wante dit blonde so i died it a semi blonde it never work so i died it a permenant loreal die and its died the roots a little bit blonde, do you have any suggestions on what i can put on next to make it very blonde?

  • Nicola

    Hey, I’ve stripped my hair from over 20 brown, red, purple dyes and it came out a light ginger, similar to yours. After 2 sets of full head highlights there is still quite a lot of ginger left. And my natural dirty brown roots are coming through. Do you think a pre-lightener like the garnier one would do the trick in lightening the ginger and the roots? Any ideas what the pre-lightener will do to my highlighted hair? And was thinking of following this with a light blonde dye. Struggling to find at home tips for lightening natural brown roots when you’ve got blonde hair, don’t really wanna bleach my roots every month! Ah the joys of being blonde. Any ideas would be good…. Apologies for the essay haha. Cheers x

  • Jordyn

    I dyed my hair dark chocolate brown 3 times but then i really wanted to go light blonde now, my hair is naturally dark blonde so my roots were grown like 10 cms out and i dyed my roots but they just went like flurescent orange so i went to a salon, which was expensive! but it didnt do anything so then i dyed it again with a light ash blonde which made it go light brown – deep blonde and then i dyed it again but it wont doe anything at allllll & everyone in my class is dying their hair blonde and they’ve all dyed their hair dark b4

  • Rosiee'x

    I have fair hair and a purple panel under the fringe next week I have arranged for a trainee hairdresser to dye my hair a near platinum colour with dark brown underneath and a dark brown panel in my fringe too. If I put brown over the purple will my fringe turn a funny colour? Thanks(:

  • Emma

    I was just wondering where you can buy the Loreal silver from? x

  • kirsty

    @Emma – I used to get mine from my local Rush salon!

  • Sarah

    My natural hair colour is a dark brown but i dyed it red a while ago and now i have dark roots and red on the rest. If i bleach my hair with the home bleaching kit, will it turn a funny colour?

  • kirsty

    If anyone is having issues with bleaching hair, I suggest you go to the hairdressers! If you bleach your hair at home there is a risk it will go ginger or patchy, so your safest bet is to go to a professional.