H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams

I was invited to Debenhams on Oxford Street to preview the High Summer collection designed by Henry Holland exclusively for Debenhams. After eventually being found by Dom, who was running the event, (no one in Debenhams knew ANYTHING about the event!) I was taken to a room with two rails full of clothes, cupcakes, champagne and lots of changing rooms!

A lot of the pieces were in bold prints in crazy colours, which as you know if you read my blog often, I don’t really do bold prints. But I found some gems in among the rails such as…

I was lucky enough to choose two pieces to take home with me, so I chose the white tank and the playsuit! I walked out of the changing room and everyone said it looked nice on me, so that helped my desicions. And talking of those lovely people, I got the chance to chat with lots of lovely bloggers such as Carina from carina100, Fiona from SaveOurShoes, Dina from She Loves Mixtapes (who had the most amazing bag which I stroked…oops) and these lovely ladies:

Amy from Wolf Whistle & Selina from Flying Saucer

Thanks for the invite and the lovely evening!

4 comments to H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams

  • Lil

    So jealous of this one! Love the Henry Holland collections so much. The playsuit looks really great on you! X

  • I was at the first half of the event and went for the playsuit too, a bit of a departure for me but I decided to go for something I wouldn’t normally buy since it was a pressie.

    Saw the A/W stuff at the press day and it’s stil very My So-Called Life, but a bit more muted with fewer mad prints and bright colours. Did you spot the jumper with the intarsia fox on it on one of the mannequins at the event? Totally got my eye on that!

  • Jess

    How on earth do you get to go to cool stuff like this? It’s awesome! x

  • [...] is one of the pieces I took home from the Henry Holland event at Debenhams. I love the colours, it reminds me that summer is ever so [...]

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