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BT Infinity ‘Guess The Prize’

Ok, so you may be wondering… ‘what?!’ but trust me you will want to know what this post is about! I received an email telling me about a new campaign that BT are running tomorrow, and I thought you guys would want to know about it as you can win some pretty awesome prizes just for being on Twitter!

So here’s the deal. BT are having a sale on their Infinity Broadband – you can get it for just £7.50 per month (which is pretty awesome I think – I use BT anyway and without them I wouldn’t be able to blog!) So to celebrate and get all you guys involved they are going to create a live game show via Twitter!

From 12pm tomorrow, you will get the chance to win prizes every hour for exactly 7 minutes and 50 seconds (see what they did there?!) via their Twitter handle @BT_UK. There will be a conveyer belt streamed over Twitter and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is guess which item on that conveyor belt is worth £7.50. Once you think you know, you tweet your answer along with #GuessThePrize to @BT_UK.

There are 5 chances to win, starting every hour from 12pm til 4pm. If you miss it, at 4.08pm there will be an extended prize draw which will be open until 9pm so there are lots and lots of opportunities to win prizes such as an XBOX 1, home entertainment system and much more!

How nice would it be to win something to celebrate the start of 2014! Good luck and let me know if you win anything!

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Fishing Trip

1 Fishingtrip

A couple of days ago we braved the threatening grey clouds and forecasts of heavy rain, and had a day trip out to Seaton and Beer. We first walked along Seaton beach, enjoying the pretty views, crashing waves and a pit stop in a local cafe for some lunch. We then made our way to Beer, a cute little fishing village, to watch the sun set and stop by in a warm pub for a drink. A lovely day!

P.s. We didn’t actually go fishing!

2 Fishingtrip

3 Fishingtrip

4 Fishingtrip

Wearing: Tesco coat and cardigan, Primark jumper, New Look jeans, Vans, knitted scarf and BHS bag.

5 Fishingtrip

6 Fishingtrip

7 Fishingtrip

8 Fishingtrip

9 Fishingtrip

10 Fishingtrip

11 Fishingtrip

12 Fishingtrip

13 Fishingtrip

14 Fishingtrip

Another Kind of Chocolate…


Looking at the pile of chocolate where our Christmas tree used to be is making me feel slightly sick right now; (who knew you could be given so much chocolate for Christmas?!) but before Christmas, I was happy when something a little chocolatey was sent to me to try out.

The guys at CoolBlades, a website aimed at providing professional stylists and beauticians with products and equipment (but I would definitely use it for hair dye!), offered to send me one of their products. I chose something I had never tried before, a boy scrub. I chose the Orly SugarFIX Spa Scrub in the Cocoa variety (they do Citrus and Chai too).


The first thing you notice about it when you take off the lid is the smell. It’s very sweet and obviously smells of chocolate! It nice to use when having a relaxing bath as the smell is yummy! It’s obviously quite gritty but not too much that it feels like its taking off your skin. I found I had to mix it a little with my fingers as it looked a little watery, but once this was done it was fine. I used it on my elbows, knees and feet and they honestly felt s smooth once I had washed it off. I would recommend it if you suffer from dry skin, and I think this would b a staple for me in the summer when I start to unpeel all of the winter layers!


Do you use a body scrub or something similar to feel your skin feeling soft?

Happy New Year!



Wearing: Topshop dress and shoes.

This was my outfit for New Years Eve. We spent it with friends in Bath and saw in the new year outside the front of the Abbey with a bottle of champagne! I made the most of it because from today, I am giving up alcohol for January as part of the Cancer Research Dryathlon. I have a sponsor page right here, so if you wanna donate £1 or £100, that would be amazing!





I was very lucky to get some Topshop vouchers for Christmas, so I braved the sales and went into store a few days ago! I found this dress for £18 and it was the last one, so I snapped it up! I also saw these shoes online, but they weren’t in the sale so I wasn’t sure. However as soon as I put them on I fell in love! So they became my other purchase. I think they look cute together!

Happy New Year!